"The journey of two united souls"

poema de rosas26

The Journey of Two United Souls”
A love as pure as hearts of babes,
I wish for all your days ahead,
On this sacred day that you wed,
May your dreams become God’s crusades.
Your souls together forging love,
Through this sometimes difficult world,
May your precious hearts be unfurled,
And eternally rise above.
Remain patient with each other,
During trials and tribulations.
And form those lasting foundations,
With so much love to discover.
As your souls grow old together,
As spouses and a dear best friend,
All that will remain in the end
Of your lives is how you’ve served each other.
Your union is as powerful,
As mighty fortresses stand strong,
Withstanding against all evil,
All the while, creating bonds so wonderful!
May the Lord fill you with understanding,
Of each other’s mind, body and soul,
In glory, becoming a whole,
In joy, your lives everlasting
May God bless your holy union,
Today and everyday of life,
Understanding each other’s strife,
And building a fruitful institution.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Diaz today!
Loving, supporting, caring, working
Playing, crying, disagreeing, forgiving
All verbs of love that are part of your soul’s journey!
-With love,