Where is love?

Where is Love?
Life is so short, love does not exist, and time is flying. Nowadays, people are not willing to love sincerely, they pretend to love, and their hearts are empty of love. You are so cold with me now, and my heart feels it, and I am asking myself why you are changed. Every day our hearts breathed with happiness seeing one another for hours and talking anything about life. Dreams are broken, and we are dying little by little. You were pretending to be happy and looking for something else in life when our hearts wanted to be together. People die in darkness, and their bodies are finding in the lightness of our eyes. What is happening in this terrible world? Why people change their feelings when they felt fear to give life to others. Love is just a word in our minds; it is empty when we are not matured to offer sincerity. Love dies in everyone when we do not feel it in our hearts; love is a word in our minds. To love requires time, sincerity, sharing, and honesty. How long we need to wait? what we need to do? What is the world asking us? Just be happy and enjoy life. We are living in a crazy world where people change their minds and play with one another. Hurts in the darkness of my silence, and nobody knows what is happening to me. I hope you are going well without me and you can find happiness with someone else. Happiness should be our hope, and search for it must be our mission.