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They say that throughout our life we have two great loves, one with which you marry and live forever and a second love that you will lose, someone with whom you were born so connected that the forces of chemistry will always escape the reason of love, He doesn't die anymore but I swear that a part of me broke the day I let you fly, there are millions of goodbye types, but the worst of all is the one that generates a war with yourself, goes against the heart, but sometimes it is It is necessary to get away but on the contrary you must learn things that you will never learn if you stay by their side, sometimes I listen to the audio messages that you sent me I give you play and I imagine that you were never too blind to not see beyond yourself, that I could instinctively lose the forms in an apparent way of respect for me, of course I could not allow that, someday someone would talk about me, then one day you will realize that I do not move any girl and do not stop my life for anyoneand then he wondered why if I did it with you and that day I will be gone for a long time and it will have been necessary because in the end one is not aware of things until they are past, even if I knew the truth behind their eyes, even if I knew perfectly because fate would have wanted to cross you in my path, you still had to have learned some things from life but I could not lead you to teach it, only you could find the answers to the end and we are just alive for that, to learn lessons that would be if we could not evolve, I know that one day you will understand it and you will see this as something very different from something that was necessary, until then I will keep myself in a corner sweetly worthy of burning the worst garbage and I will be another one on your list of undesirable people, just that with a difference in the background you will know that that was never my place, you always said that it was like you in girl, you were not without reason, that there was something between you and me very much in pa ralelo, a way to see things even to translate life, I guess we walked in the same direction, only that you lived on Tuesday and I on Pluto and notice that we could still meet, sometimes I imagine that Troy never burned and that it is possible to get away from someone to give perspective, without hating you and lashing out at you, however I keep asking myself, if any of the people I left behind on my way were the love of my life, but then I answer myself that the world is still a circle, when you have taken one direction and I the other.

The heart of the human being is an ocean of deep secrets

Mc. Harry Bogar Bautista Lemus
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