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I am going to tell you something, who of you has fallen in love? Who of you has had a loving disappointment? You know that when I was going through difficult times they left me, that happened, they told me that I was very immature and now I am looking for it, I want to tell you the little things that I learned and when I find it I will tell you what I said, that thanks to that moments !, moments of joy, difficult moments or sadness. I WOULD LEAVE EVERYTHING

Now that I am looking for you and you are not there, I only remember and the sadness that wants to talk, only with ME, and now that the rain has taken the last tatter of your dress, I have forgotten what I am, and I only remember in the past what I have been.

How sweet that word sounds today FRIEND, time was not time between us being together we felt infinite and the universe was small compared to what you and I were, There is no night darker than tonight, and the cold is deposited in The corners of the soul.

"We are more than a simple longing, a desire to love each other"

Mc. Harry Bogar Bautista Lemus
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