Face the Fear

poema de Eddy Rocker

Fear the things, just I’m afraid
Of some things, I want to wake
The morning, it is just a breath to take,
I need someone to help me, to aid.

The most things I’ll never do alone,
The garden of my life would disappear
And one will never care – or hear –
The voice of mine all of me that it’s gone

Fear of mine I’ve got that for him,
It makes no sense anymore to let it pass
Through my innocent – still – mind as it lasts
Into an endless fear of it

May I look as a coward if I go away
From that – whom – thing that is scaring
Me from afar? Makes no sense to ring
Out a hell, I don’t wanna bring it far away.

Puts in his suit, puts in the front of me
His own face, he intends me to be as he is;
I wanna be myself, no to be others;
He pretends for me to be as the way he is.

Being bullied by my own father freaks me out
I fight myself by the way he speaks, it puts
A long way afar for our separated mind,
I would never be like him, I don’t want to.

All in my mind is twisted, all inside
Might have been distorted brain;
Who can help me out to keep carry on
Without being a colder person like him?

I’m gonna drown myself onto my own tears
And even with my own fears…

Comentarios & Opiniones

Eddy Rocker

Gracias por tu comentario Silvia y es un placer tenerte aquí. Es algo que no se puede superar en un corto periodo de tiempo pero si se sabe enfrentar se logrará. Saludos


Muy, muy profundo Eddy tu poema, realmente se siente ese dolor, ese miedo expuesto. Impresionante, me encanto leerlo. Saludos y miles de estrellas.

Eddy Rocker

Gracias Félix por tu comentario, saludos.

Orlando Silva

Mi Buen Amigo y gran poeta muy bella tu Obra, muy sentida y bien llevada e inspirada, así es la vida nada es perfecto pero esos miedos hermano aferrado a Dios serán pequeñas piedritas en tu caminar, todas las estrellas, Dios te bendiga y un fuerte ab