Don’t go Away

poema de Eddy Rocker

It has been a pleasure to see you
Coming there to see ya
Nobody hadn’t stop me at anytime
Trying to tell you ‘bout me
I am not too naïve
That’s what I look like
And when I wielded my soul
It’s been like a falling anvil
A twisted mind, a long waiting
Anyone wouldn’t change my mind
I was begging you all I wanted
It is my narrow mind.

My soul is burning inside
I’m drifting in my thoughts for you
The day I met you was too good
And I deceived all my loving to thee
It’s been like 1001 nights
You don’t know how I miss thee

A burning soul has claimed you
The demise that has gotten
Dwelling in thy eyes and thy soul
The heart is running and warming
And despite I’ve loved thee
I just don’t know if you do love me
Weird things have travelled right here
I’m still surprised of what I told you

I feel I was being betrayed
By my own lust (and my eyes)
How do I might feel right now?
It’s been a long time without watching you
Playing songs about love
Writing poems ‘bout what I feel
My flying mind is going to yours
A tortured mind has got you
I’m going to have my revenge

I am going to have my vengeance…