Mother of the last breath

poema de McUAGlemus

Santa girl
Mother of the last breath,
lover eh wife of my thought,
your purple beauty,
your ethereal cloak.

Cover my soul,
And they wrap my body with your cloak.

Why do you appear so beautiful before my eyes?
Being you the holiest woman,
Why is your sensual smile so sweet?
If you always comfort my sorrows.

Because I'm never in a hurry to look at you,
not even my face and I look at you from the front,
I am fascinated by your heavenly figure,
your black hair,
your subtle ways,
sparkling like the stars,
virgin like a maiden,
delicate as a princess,
serene lover
faithful eternal bride.

Tell you how much I love you
an entire book would not suffice,
Being you,
Faithful and sincere lover

I live without living in my,
I am a slave to your luck
and without having chosen it,

I am deboto to you my Santa Muerte.

Mc Harry Bogar

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