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The human being does not understand the meaning of loving in its entirety, there are thousands of people who are willing to fight or deliver everything for a love that is sincere and loyal, others only play with the feelings of the people who give their love and Finish a stage is always living alone.

Ella - Hello
Me: Hello
She - What happened?
She - I'm surprised at your call!
I - I have a question. HOW EVERY TIME DO YOU THINK OF SOMEONE WHO MARKED YOUR LIFE FOREVER? lose is weird, I had never had the feeling of seeing life in this way, of thinking a lot about how you should be now, what your routine is and if you are happy in its entirety, I just want you to listen to me for a few minutes I don't come to claim anything, quite the opposite, I call you to thank you for everything, the time you knew to value me overnight, all the moments we have lived, it is as if it were a movie maybe it would start with a hello from me and Your sharp answer with a hello I know you, it scares me because it was true it was a simple stranger and after so long I am one step away from becoming a simple stranger …………. I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU, Having known you was the most beautiful thing that could happen in the movie of our life, maybe not in yours but if in mine, I regret everything, I regret that the problems have not been completely solved, it Time is running out, the year is running out, days are running out and something new will come for you, as well as for me ………… Thank you for listening to me this will be the last time I talk to you, I don't want to harass you with my words anymore, I no longer want to keep getting excited while listening to me …………. Thank you for existing, I will tell my grandchildren one day that at a certain age I met someone who made me very happy, he became the PRETTY OF MY THOUGHTS, MY GREAT INSPIRATION, MY WHOLE LIFE AND NEVER, but I never took her out of My heart, I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU.
Her - Thank you for your words,
She - For your time,
She - For everything,
She - I hope it goes well for you,
She - LUCK.

"Because in life there is no martyrdom that lasts longer, No matter the direction leaving behind the story of two ... ... Love, you see that I am missing you and now I am missing you, but I do not want you to leave me like that."

Mc. Harry Bogar Bautista Lemus
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