COULD (podria)

I could think that I will love you forever,
but I trust that it will not be like that.
one day finally when I will get up
I will not feel the temptation to have you.

I could think that the beginning of oblivion is you ...
I will not feel love, nor will I be sad,
because already forgotten there will be neither tremor, nor heart.

I could think so many things, that it becomes uncertain the day I forget you.
I do not know if I love you for eternity,
I just hope to wake up and forget all the days I spend crying and thinking that we would be the future.

I could think about flying and touching the stars, going beyond the sky, but that day will be when you no longer exist, nor you memories, nor you ashes ...
I could wish for your death, but without you I would die too.

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excelente poema. saludos

"Podría pensar que te amaré por siempre,
pero confío en que no será así.
un día finalmente cuando me levanto
No sentiré la tentación de tenerte"