The Masquerade (inglés)

poema de Maksim

People are wearing masks on masquerade
Which represent them in their own lifes
Begin to move and walk through the arcade
The party started to create strife

O, there's nothing like the mask of Honor
Most every mask has gotten piece of that
But in their hearts they hide it in deep coner
Trying to escape from that like from the water rat

Another mask that represent Fidelity
And always wearing a nice white dress
And very often crossing with morality
Without beeing able to escape from stress

The mask of hope is wearing mask of love
To try to show us life of unbound lover
Don't need to think about all above
The most important thing is a nice cover

She used to wear the mask of Death
In this strange place she wouldn't rather be
And everyone she touches takes last breath
The mask of Pride has always been her fiance

They celebrate this Great occasion
From the sunrise across the day and till the night
The roles are forming an equation
Not anymore they're wearing their masks tight

The holiday first last and all the time
Is comming to its end like everything in life
And also comming to the end my simple rhyme
To take their masks off they will need a knife

And after all, they took them off
And started feeling even queerer
Start feeling sick and start to cough
By simply looking at the mirror.