The Leaf

I remember being lost in the forest
of a dimly lit town,
then came the fall and I swear that I was found
by a Leaf that fell down.

Just like a leaf she fell down from the heavens,
now she was lost in there too.
I walked with her and soon I wore the crown
of the King of the Fools.

And now I know you were there
with open arms just waiting
while I lost my time gazing at clouds.

And deep inside I hope you know this:
I carry this cross and I'm not proud
'cause every dry leaf will shatter
if you leave it there on the ground.
How could I ever let you down?

I'll be here in my memory roaming,
finding pieces of you.
And every night I'll be trying to find
a memory of how your eyes look.

But then again I'm lost here,
I find no way to your heart
because I butchered every chance.

And there are many places
that could drive me mad
for still I see you there,
but you'll never come back.
And I could tell you I'm sorry
thousands and millions of times
but it won't be enough, no;
not until I see you smile.

And deep inside I think you know this,
I hope you don't harbour any doubt,
that with every fall I wonder:
Where in all the world are you now?
Would these words reach you if I speak aloud?

I hope they will reach you if I speak aloud.