I'll pray

poema de Romantico

Even you dont deserve it, a blessing from me I'll pray to god to protect you. No matter where you go or what you do. To fill you with love & peace and in your hardest time and struggles to let no one take that alway from you. I'm really hurt for what you did to my family. I did things no other man would do and only you and me know what those things are. If you can imagine how much I love you. I loved you when you cheated on me. You came up straight at me and told me what you did. You told me to call you names but instead of that I started kissing you for being honest. I opened doors for you when your family close the doors on you and not just that I also open doors of my heart and now I'm heartbroken right now because of what you did. I wish you to ask for forgiveness to my family for what you did to them. So we can get back together but being realistic that's not going to come true at all.

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great poem ... I liked it. All the stars.


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