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You left when I needed you most,
When things got tough,
When I needed that person by my side pushing me,
When I needed you to be there,
It was when you decided to leave and you don't know how much it hurt.

You didn't care about the promises,
Not all the plans we made when we were together,
You made the decision that perhaps for you was the best,
But I think you were wrong,
Because I'm sure you won't find
Someone who loves you as I loved you.

I hope that whatever the reason you decided to leave,
You have thought about it very well,
Why don't I deny you that I love you and that I miss you so much,
But so little I will deny you that I am not very hurt,
And I doubt that at some point I can forgive you,
Why are you gone
It was just the moment when I needed you most,
So I hope the decision you made was the right one,
Because no matter how difficult it is for me,
I'm sure I won't be with you again.

I may swallow the words later,
Why you never know what can happen in the future,
But if it is in my hands,
Rest assured that I would not return with you,
Why it hurt me so much that you left that way.

Regardless of the sacrifice and how much I fight,
Never mind that I leave my happiness on the one hand,
Just to make you happy,
I don't know why you left
If it was by another person or by a third party,
And if so, I wish you the best,
I wish you to be very happy,
But I give you very important advice,
That you learn to value people
That the same person is not found twice in this life,
And if the person you changed me for,
It's good with you not to do the same thing you did to me.

And I think I'm going to love you for a long time,
Why no matter what you did,
I don't think about the bad,
But I don't think about the good and beautiful things we live,
I am very grateful,
Why good or bad enjoy a lot of time with you,
And pass that you would never have been the same,
If I had lived with other people.

So I thank you very much,
And I would appreciate much more if you are reading this,
Never in life again look for me,
Why I don't want to be rude
So little I would like to feel like I am feeling right now,
I just let you be happy,
And I hope you do the same,
I don't want it to appear,
When you see me with someone else,
Why I don't want to hurt you
Not to mention making you feel like you are doing right now

Mc. Harry Bogar Bautista Lemus
WhatsApp 5538309631

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