One more time

poema de SAMR

Now you know, but yet not learned.
How a lesson fom life disturbs anything in its path,
Shakes like a mother fucker,
All that crap that got hard stuck.

I can do anything but relate,
It's like a curse that's been hunting me down,
It's like I'm not me,
Someone else takes over.

Wishing I was as conscious as I am,
I don't like who you are,
This new fight going in me,
Claimed the peacefulness in my soul,
life sucking escense taken love,
Who controls the valve, if I knew I'd kill him.
Who made you this way, who broke you this bad.

I can write now that the quietness has enter the room,
Reorganize thoughts, objectives and push forward, like I know how.
Time to grow even more, calis around my heart. The trust has left the chat, only consciousness to heal.

When just people pay for sinners, is the game.
Got the cheat codes here already,
They are expensive,
I know.
Already payed the price.

Comentarios & Opiniones


Cuando solo la gente paga por los pecadores, ese es el juego.
Ya tengo los códigos de trucos aquí,
Son caros,
Lo sé.
Ya pagué el precio.
Me fascinó! Excelente poeta saludos cordiales felicitaciones!


Interesante la equivalencia de intercambio, el justiprecio siempre algo que evade las balanzas