Walking through the night

poema de Lissy

Walking through the night 

I will walk on the sand feeling the nostalgic waves of my life, forgetting the pain of the thorns in my feet and facing the shiny sky

Tonight I'll be counting the stars, leaving my fears in the past ,
there are no more tears left to cry and I wont let anything hold me back.

The sand is thicker tonight but it won't stop me from taking this long walk, i could fall but I will stand again and always looking up. 

Still cant see tomorrow's light but the sound of the wind helps me notice we are passed the midnight. 

The moon is following my steps i wonder why she is holding the distracting stares 
don't entertain me I said , 
in the dawn you won't be here, you will just disappear and I'll be left alone recalling all you made me feel. 
And I will be thrill to erase all the memories even the happy tears. Nothing will be left I will make sure everything has been sheared away.

Still walking but faster now facing the horizontal shape way, it doesn't seem clear but I can feel the strength to walk all this night no matter how far am I don't matter how long  it is I'll be up till the end and nothing will stop me from getting Far away,
Far away from the fathoms getting to the closer edge, 
I'll have the courage to say I did it I walked through the night and you will never find my heart ever again. 

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