Salt Statues

They were warned so long ago,
so long most of them forgot.
Some didn't care at all
some did care but didn't know
how to get the puzzle solved.

We were there watching things flow
when mayhem started to unfold,
yet no angel came to us
to tell us to pack up and run
when the clouds covered the sun.

You know we tried to help,
you know damn well that we did try,
but there's no shame in letting go,
much less if you have tried it all;
some things are bound to fall.

If we stay here we'll be lost,
collateral damage in a war
that we didn't even start,
that we didn't even want,
but that's coming to a close.

If you stay and look back
to the rubble and dust,
you'll feel paralized and numb
and the tears that you'll cry,
they will simply dry up
covering your face with salt.

Now we're leaving all behind us
as the sulfur starts to fall.
If we dare to look back
into statues we'll transform,
made entirely of salt.
Just salt.