The Flying Dutchman

poema de Eddy Rocker

Oh… the Dutchman is there
He flies on the seas
Looking to scare us all
His soul goes by for all around
He claims at people
To go to his embarkation

I saw a vision of him
Into the Dead Sea
That ghostly embarkation
He turned down the water
And after he sailed above the sea

There was a strange emptiness
In his eyes – I saw–
I was completely wasted
Watching to the boat
He wants revenge
For all who revealed against him

He goes by the seas
In a ghost ship
He carries on tied at the rudder
And he doesn’t watch anyone
The crew wants to kill him
To take the command of the ghost ship

They knew it would be hard
They have created a plan
To take him off of the rudder
And of the command of the ship
A coffin they had to look for
And the heart they had to take out and kill.

It was a legend the coffin
With Davy Jones’ heart
And he loved a woman of the sea
Calypso betrayed him
And he took him his heart
And he put into the trunk

The crew was very interested in it
They hadn’t any idea
Where the trunk was
They asked him where the trunk was
And he didn’t answer
To the crew’s question

The trunk was into an island
A desert island onto a big depth
They claim thee to tell them
Where that treasure was
They wanted to condemn him
And assassinate him to command the boat

He didn’t want to talk about
The story behind the trunk
And he didn’t want to go
To the place where they can find it
He started to suspect
About what his crew want to do

The voice of him they listened
You got to work now – he told –
And a few seconds after
They went at their work
But they haven’t surrender yet
For all about his commander

They knew they had screwed up
They had to make a plan
For coming to that secret island
They looked it like a beautiful crystal
It was like a crystal clear for them
The crew will never surrender

All the crew wanted to find it
That island, the treasure
The heart they wanted to discover
Its place where it could be found
They will taste the captain
And his broken heart

Trying to consulate them
Actually they want to search it
That trunk was hard to find
Davy Jones knew that this would happen
It wasn’t unknown for him
The captain then he went at that island
They had to rebel them against him
To go to that fucking island

After they found that island
They also found a big a whirlwind
The biggest whirlwind they’ve seen
But they’d pass out of it
They shall find the heart
And they will kill Davy Jones

His lost heart in that island
All the guilt was by his first love
Calypso destroyed his vision
Then he broke his body
And took of his heart from it
And finally he put it in the Trunk

That was his will
His desire after she destroyed his heart
A goddess had betrayed him
He lost her heart
For her same madness
And the crew now knows the story behind that

They began to look for the island
The trunk with Davy Jones’ heart
With hours without mental peace
And hours without rest
They were under the bright sun
Searching that heart

After a long time they pass looking for it
They finally found it
Now they have to open the trunk
With Jones’ heart
He knows what it is his fate
He knows he must die… now…