Devil’s life (poema en inglés)

poema de Eddy Rocker

I am the fallen angel of the sky
I've been thrown by God
In God's good time he trust me
And gave me orders that I didn't want
To comply his commands
I am the demon, I am the devil
My name is Lucifer
I am the fallen angel of heaven
He's thrown me down to hell
And now I am the king of lies
The king of temptation and the contracts
I am lustful, I am ambitious
Like men in the earth
I want the souls of people
In exchange of something they want
I'm thirsted of blood
I'm hungry of people's souls.

I was the God’s favorite angel
But I wanted to have his knowledge
And his crown and the throne
Then he decide to send me out
To hell, the place where I reign;
I made the decision to attract people
With their wishes and commands
To take their souls to my wellness
I’ve always been lustful
I am today ambitious
I may look like a walrus
Or I may look like a whale
To take you as well as I can
To bring your soul back to hell

I have chosen the things I command
The demons, the lands of inferno
All the fallen angels in my kingdom
All try to bring me all the souls
I’ll be back on earth when I make
The contracts of people
That wants to be successful,
To be rich, to get the love of their life
And in the awakening of the dawn
I’ll take everyone to their place
Where they shall belong
When the wish is accomplished
From part-to-part
And our wishes will be gained.

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