poema de Lucienne

Purple walls surrounded us
Every day we’re on the bus
Unaware, asleep inside
That Wednesday, I reminisced
About the frailty of life

It was not long after the break
A stranger asked if I was okay
I told him “no, my grandpa died”
All I know is that Wednesday night
A love was born, caught me by surprise
We connected, unexpected, we would talk almost until sunrise

Your boyish laugh
Your caress
Your hugs, your calm
Your jokes, your charm
So soothing, they are a balm
And they disarm
These walls I held, Yeah you undress
The light and darkness... of my heart

You see me
And I know you
With all of our contradictions
We hold hands through storms and gloom
Through thick and thin
You’re my cocoon
My Sun and Moon
When all I see around me is doom

Now every night I go to sleep
I thank my stars, and my heart beams
Every time you say good night
And you wrap me in your warmth
You say “sleep tight, dream of me”
And dream of you, my love... I will.

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This is pretty awesome. Keep doing what you do best, spread those feelings of yours through poetry.